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Inverter air conditioners convert the AC power input into DC to allow the control of the compressor speed in the outdoor unit. This gives the air conditioner control over power consumption and greater accuracy in consistant temperture.

You can also think of the inverter air conditioner as a car accelerator. When it is turned on it will quickly get to the desired temperature and then back it's self off just like when a car accelerates after a traffic light turns green. Once the car hits the speed limit, you back your foot off and cruise along. The engine works much less and uses less fuel.

The inverter air conditioner has less wear and tear on it (which can lead to a much longer life span) and will use less electricity. Which is obviously much better all round, including the impact on the environment. If everybody who is thinking of buying an air conditioner bought an inverter instead of a conventional system it would make a huge difference to our summer electrical usage.

Cost up to 30% less in electricity bills.  All the units supplied here will last a long, long time and so will your savings!

Keep temperature constant
(no fluctuations with room temp going up and down).
Much more reliable in extreme temperatures.  The fact is air conditioners get used a lot in winter and especially summer so you need a unit that can handle the consistent use.
Sure, you have to pay a little more for an inverter air conditioner but it is worth it. The savings on electricity bills alone are worth the extra money but also the more impressive ability to deliver more consistant temperatures.

The inverter air conditioner type is consistant through out most brands these days which means most top manufacturers of inverters have a pretty level playing field when it comes to energy efficiency.

Remember also that the COP and EER ratings of inverter air conditioners gives you the most accurate rating of the air conditioners efficiency.
But in reality it is also the way that you run the air conditioner.

There is no point worrying about 0.5 difference in the COP or EER rating if you don't run the air conditioner properly.

Things like,

1. Draft ceiling

2. Effective blinds and curtains

3. Running the inverter air conditioner at the right temperature

4. Getting the unit running at the right time of the day to prevent unnecessary loads           on the system.

5. Proper installation!

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